by Muskan Mittal

We all have been hearing since ages that we should use the resources our Mother Nature has bestowed upon us judiciously and it is our duty to conserve and protect them. Students are taught to reduce wastage of resources and sustainable development at a tender age so that it remains engraved in their brains. Yet a large majority of people do not pay heed to conservation and judicious use of resources until they come face to face with a situation where the resource they have been exploiting recklessly becomes so scarce that they are unable to meet their daily needs. The students or youth should pay attention to the water crisis in their area and try to solve it.


The Water Crisis in Chennai is a warning of what is yet to come.

A water crisis is a situation where the water demanded by the people is less.

The Indian city of Chennai has gone dry. The Economic Times states that ‘The City is experiencing its worst water crisis in 30 years and is headed to becoming a Zero City.”

Pipe water supply to homes is not even 10% of what it used to be.

According to an article by India Today, most of Chennai’s population is now dependent on water tankers and curtailed municipal supply for daily requirement of drinking water. The Price of the water bottle is reported to have gone up four times. The employees of the IT sector companies have asked to work from home. Several restaurants have shut down operations. ‘Don’t waste water’ bills, stickers and banners can be found all around the City. Chennai used to be water-surplus metropolitan cities of the country till a couple of decades ago and had nearly two dozen water bodies including three rivers and a British period Buckingham canal. Today, it is reduced to half a dozen.

But what happened? 

A study by Anna University reveals that Chennai has lost 33 percent of its wetlands and 24 percent of agricultural land which is crucial for improving the groundwater table in the last decade.

Another study conducted by The Centre for Climate Change blamed the construction of highways and flyovers, airports and high-rises for depleting water resources in Chennai.

The three rivers, the Buckingham canal, and the wetlands are almost dry today.

Faulty policies by the government like the opening of IT Corridors are also responsible for the water crisis in the City.

The situation in Chennai gives a glimpse of what can be the situation of the entire world in a few years if we humans continue mindless exploitation of earth’s resources.





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