The 3rd Sunday Of June – FATHER’S DAY

by Maryam Khan

Like any other family-oriented day, FATHER’S DAY is also salient and is of high importance. A father is someone who always looks up to no matter how much you grow. A daughter’s first love and to a son; an epitome of a Hero, a father never fails to carry out the must-have necessities of his family. One of the pillars to a child, he always plays a predominant character, where he selflessly can even put down his own life on stake, just for his family. Being the “head of the family”, he always safeguards his family, nurtures them, unconditionally sacrifices his own interests, becomes a shield where he sponges up every ounce of agony and hurdles coming up in their way, is sometimes left unsung.


To honor and solemnize our father’s sacrifices, their unconditional affection, and the selfless journey of fatherhood, FATHER’S DAY is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June.  However, some countries celebrate it on different days like in Russia, on 23rd February; in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, on 21st June; in Spain, on 19th March, and many more. 

People all over the globe celebrate this day with the greatest amount of significance. Making a thanksgiving card, family dinners, gifts, paying a visit to his favorite place with him, spending some quality time with him, posting with the best captions and pictures and uploading stories expressing how you’re owing a debt of gratitude to have such a wonderful father, has become a ritual.

But have you ever wondered, why do we actually celebrate it? What’s the main idea behind celebrating it? Whose efforts made it possible to make this day so significant? How this day came into existence? Well, it’s time to get acquainted with all.

How this day came into being?

Just like Anna Jarvis, who gave birth to Mother’s day, Sonora Smart Dodd; from Washington, United States, in 1910 during a Mother’s day church service put forward the idea of celebrating Father’s day, by saying that even fathers should be given equal applause and should be honoured with utter gratitude, just like mothers are given on Mother’s day. Losing her mother at a tender age, that is 16, her father was the one who took up all the responsibilities on his shoulders and had taken care of her along with her other siblings. Being the daughter of an American Civil War Veteran, William Jackson Smart, she solicited to the Spokane’s Ministerial Association and demanded them to announce Father’s day on June 5, which was her father’s birthday also. Since then, every year it was celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June, and on 19th June 1910, was recognised as Father’s day in Washington, United States and later in several other countries. 

But there’s another story which you need to know that before 1910, that is, 1908, the first ever known Father’s day was celebrated in West Virginia at a church. Main question arises? Who suggested it ? Well folks, it was Grace Golden Clayton, who suggested that Sunday Church service should be conducted in the honour of fathers of their community for their sacrifices. It was done so because she lost her father along with 362 men who were killed in a mining explosion in Monongah, West Virginia.

But officially, Father’s day was celebrated first on June 19th.

What Father’s day feels like to a ‘Fatherless’?

Losing your parents is something which is totally unbearable. After all, they’re the ones who gave you existence, who added meaning to your life, who made you what you are today.

Be it Death, divorce , or any other spectrum of estrangement, losing your father is despairing. One can never fill up that void which has taken place in your heart. The memories remains ever vivid, and moving on doesn’t really happens, it’s just that you now know how to live and get used to with this burning hole in your heart which aches every time whenever you reckon about the sweet memories you had, which are now bitter.

With every Father’s day approaching on our doorsteps, everyone gives their hundred percent to make the best of this day for their fathers and make them feel really proud.

But what about those who don’t have their fathers with them to celebrate this auspicious day?

Carrying a bulk of pain, watching everybody celebrating it with their fathers always make them wonder, “why not me?” , which is heart-shattering. Their absence makes them vulnerable, not only on father’s day but everyday. At such a time, if we know someone who is going through the same, why not we help them celebrating it? It is obvious that their family will be by their side, but you as an individual has some duties as well. Encourage them to open up the doors of their heart and let them pour out whatever they’ve been hoarding inside, be by their side, make them feel wanted and try to fill up the void. Share your happiness with them and colour their life with the crayon of happiness and tranquillity.  Go outside with them and enjoy. Never let them feel that they’re alone. Make them remember that whatsoever your father did for your family, his sacrifices, his love, and affection, his hard work in moulding you up as a strong family, his good deeds and preachings, this all is an act of honoring and celebrating your father. And there is nothing wrong in honouring your father.

For them, it’s a day brimmed with bittersweet memories.

I’d say, you all are strong, your father’s blessings are always with you, he may not be with you, but will always be there from the top, watching over you and protecting you, even if he’s far away, his teachings are with you, that will transform you into a better person. Remember, there’s always a part of your father within you, never let that part go in vain, and do wonders with it.

Make him proud.

We all are with you, and we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day, because he’s always there, even if you may not see him.

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