by Dania J Mathew

We all are aware about the doctor strike which happened in our country nationwide.

Many had opinions, from media, officials, patients, government, to every citizen of this country.

 But when a scenario or situation occurs are we suppose to blame or rather than take step for betterment?

On June 10,2019 at night in NRS college and hospital in West Bengal a junior doctor was assaulted by relatives of a patient who died at the hospital. The assaulted doctor was in critical condition. The next day junior doctors stepped out of their work and locked the hospital gates and started to protest against the attack. They held the posters which read:’ Save doctors Save nation’. The doctors were determined to protest until they were not given the full security and won’t join their duty.


Even during the protest, patients broke out the gates to enter hospital. Many doctors in India showed their solidarity and held a nationwide protest.

Losing a closed one is tough, but was it justified to assault a doctor? Just because they are doctors, they treat patients does that give anyone freedom to harass or assault them for the death of a person?

But this protest could have been stopped and calmed down if political leaders wanted to. Chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee instead of assuring full protection and security to these doctors she warned them saying that she’ll take action against the doctors if they didn’t resume their work.

Mamata Banerjee as a chief minister should have given permission for an investigation of the case and have taken the action against the person who assaulted the doctor. A right action could have given a glimpse that law can’t be taken into hands. If the west Bengal government was more concerned then this same incident wouldn’t have been repeated.

In Delhi on July 8th doctors went on a strike over an alleged assault on postgraduate medical student by a patient’s attendant.

The repeated incidents are an evidence of failed concern and lack of action against the crime. If a strict action of law and order was taken in West Bengal case then an incident like this in Delhi won’t have happened. Doctors in west Bengal had a negotiation with the chief minister and doctors resumed to their work. But wasn’t this negotiation a bit late? Was this negotiation  done because of some political game? If law is taken into hands then government should act accordingly.

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