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Even today a majority of women still use cloth instead of a proper sanitary napkin not because they are not aware but because of the heavy prices of the pad. Unsterilised cloth makes them susceptible to urinary tract infections and other problems. When we asked them how they manage with the cloth, some of them replied saying after using the cloth once, they throw away the latter, this is not only hazardous to the environment, but also to the animals that may consume the cloth. We aim to curb this and reach as many women as we can. 

We, at Enactus Shivaji, aim to begin a new project under which we intend to create reusable sanitary napkins. This initiative will not only help us contribute towards the environment but also help in guiding the underprivileged slum area women who are totally unaware about menstrual hygiene.

Shivaji college is a reputed institution of Delhi university that fosters growth and development of its students.

The students of Enactus Shivaji aim to create pads that are reusable and sell it at Rs 25 per pad. (Rs 60 if 3 are bought together)

This pad lasts for about 25-30 washes.

To make sure that the hygienic standards are met, our cloth is washed thoroughly with a disinfectant like savlon.

Our pad is not only affordable but also eco-friendly.

We’re looking for motivated individuals who understand the importance of menstrual hygiene to help us reach the maximum number of women. 

You can easily support us by donating minimum of Rs 100.


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