Problems faced by ad hoc teachers

by Anubhuti Chitra

40% of the teachers at Delhi University are ad hoc teachers. Ad hoc appointment is made for an existing post for a short period of time in the absence of the person manning the post.

These teachers have numerous problems. As they are not a part of the permanent or temporary staff their salaries are minimal and their in-hand salary can be lower, depending on the tax payment routines of the different colleges. They do not get any increments apart from DA hikes. Furthermore, they have no benefits such as medical leave, earned leave and only one sanctioned leave per month. This is especially a problem for female teachers as they are not granted any maternity leave and could easily lose their job if they do not plan to come to come back after birth.

However, the biggest problem with ad hoc teachers is the lack of job security. Ad hoc teachers cannot be hired for more than 4 months. If the university wants to hire a teacher for longer than that they have to hire a temporary teacher. Therefore, it is a common practice to hire an ad hoc teacher for 4 months, wait till their contract expires and hire them again after 2-3 days. Moreover, there is no guarantee for this, a teacher’s contract can expire and simply not be renewed. This practice is very exploitative and there are no checks against it.

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