by Dania j Mathew

Recently an adivasi professor of the government school and college for women in Jharkhand was arrested for a 2year old facebook post asserting his community’s right to eat beef, and challenging and rejecting to follow Hindu tradition.

The professor was booked for insulting ‘religious feelings’. But doesn’t our Constitutionprotect the right of a community? When his bail application was rejected, it gave a sense of fear to me. He raised his voice, he exercised his constitutional right of freedom of speech but his rejection of bail application raised the question : do we really have the freedom of speech? Is it just practiced in theory and not in real life?

Whenever someone speaks about unity in diversity the country which comes to people’s mind is India. But is there unity in diversity? Are the different community’s religions, caste, race free to practice their own religion? OR are we going to be paint in a single colour?

A person from lower caste community can’t draw water from a well where upper caste person draws. But our constitution has abolished untouchability and has given lower caste the freedom to exercise their power. Muslim women are targeted for wearing burqa even if it’s her own choice. But our constitution has given the freedom to practice any religion and its tradition. We can question the traditions if it discriminates someone but targeting and torturing anyone is not acceptable.


On June 18,2019 Tabrez Ansari was assaulted by a mob in seraikela Kharswan district, Jharkhand. He was tied to a piyle and beaten for 12 hours by mobs and was forced to Chant ‘jai shri Ram’ and ‘jai Hanuman’. He died on June 22. What was his mistake, he belonged to a minority community? He refused to say jai shri ram? Or we people can’t speak and roam without fear in this country?

India at this point is turning into a nation with single community and single religion. We need to stop this to protect the interest of every citizen of this country. Our preamble starts with ‘WE’, but who are these we, the upper caste people or the economically strong people or who are in majority in terms or community and religion? We means every single soul which lives in this country, every single soul who celebrate his/her constitutional rights.

More often it is experienced that our constitution has blessed us with plenty of rights but when these rights are practised in public we are threatened. Threatened of getting killed, threatened of getting raped, threatened of being called anti-nationals. If India is known and seen as a country of unity in diversity, then why are we not allowed to practice it in our day to day life without any fear?


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