An 8 month-old baby was allegedly run over by a University employee in the campus premises of NSUT

by Dania

With a heavy heart I ask, ‘Is humanity left in this world?’. Humanity is not just a word but an action which we all live by. But a recent unfortunate incident in Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT) makes me question that!

 A faculty member was trying to park their car near block 6 which is often referred as moksha ground, where one can park cars throughout college hours. A child of one of the labourers who works at NSUT , was sleeping on the grassy patch there ,while his mother was at work. The careless faculty member ran their vehicle over the sleeping baby’s head. And without even realizing, the faculty ran to mark it’s biometric attendance. When the other members were informed about the seriousness of the situation, the faculty member defended himself by saying that he/she was inside the college as proven by the biometric attendance.

How can someone simply without any hesitation justify this incident? Why the authorities didn’t take any action against that faculty member? Was it because of the fear of  losing the reputation or because they wanted to save that member?Didn’t the  authorities think about the mother of that child who worked day and night to meet her ends? No action was taken and college continued with its normal routine. The family of that child was paid fifty thousand as compensation. Will that money bring back her son back? Or will that money will give justice to her son?

Many questions but no answer. The mother of that child who is helpless because of her position and situation now need to knock every door to get justice for her child. How disheartening it is to even think that not a single person raised their voice regarding this situation. The students may have thought if they did then they need to face the action against them, but as a teacher or authority of a reputed institution they should have raised their voices and not stand with the wrong doings.

People did write about the incident on their facebook page to explain their fear and demanding justice for that child.

In this world there is nothing more costly than human life. Justice is what we all live for, and if we intellectual people don’t raise our voice, don’t spread the word, then who will?

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