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Whenever one talks about College Life; particularly DU’s life, all we think  about is the fests, the cultural societies, fresher’s parties, mass bunks, hangouts and what not?

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It’s everybody’s fantasy to be a leading light, to earn an identity in their college. To be known by everyone, either with your talents, or with your personality. The way you dress, the gadgets you hold, the talent with which you’re inherited with, and lastly don’t forget; the way you study (what? You thought college is all about fun and enjoyment?). Well, it all sums up in the creation of your identity. Some people are brimmed, or say, privileged with certain adroitness and expertise. Whereas, some are not. But wait , that doesn’t mean that you cannot earn an image.

In an aeon of alluring vogue and astonishing gadgets, everybody wants to follow up the latest trends in gadgets or fashion available, so that they can achieve a ‘captivating look’. But being a college student, you simply cannot purchase a phone, branded top or a pair of jeans every week just to follow the trends, unless your pockets are filled enough.

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Well, well, well ! worry not kiddos, we’ve got a solution.

To follow up the latest trends and fashion, it’s not necessary that you look up to H&M or Forever21 showrooms, duh! We’ve much more, and that too, pocket friendly. Yes! you heard that right, “saste mein shopping” is all we live for. College students go gaga over shops that attracts them with all the new and stylish items.

Mentioned below are some of the vibrant shopping corners where students can shop in an affordable price.

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Aka K-Nags, is an “adda” or a hangout spot  for the North Campus students as its the market of the closest proximity for them where they spend a quality time in shopping. It is a unique combination of street and brand shopping. From beautiful dresses, to some cute tops and also to some fashionable kurtis, shoes and bags, shirts, t-shirts and jeans, K-Nags has it all.  Being a perpetual hubbub, this place also has some superb roadside eateries so that you can charge up yourself while shopping.

Location- Kamla Nagar Market, North Campus, Delhi University; Nearest Metro Station- Vishwavidyalaya

Tibetan colony, also called as Majnu ka Tila, is an eye-popping market because you’ll get all the cute stuff over there and that too, affordable. Many college students hangout there. Being a hub of eateries, it also has some superb shops which will make you go crazy. Jewellery, clothes, footwear, accessories, for all gender. P.S- it’s closed on Mondays.

Location – Aruna Nagar, near Vidhan Sabha. Enter from the gate under the ISBT Shahdara Link Flyover on the Ring Road. Nearest Metro Station – Vidhan Sabha.

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Want to try out your bargaining skills? Then you really need to head towards Janpath. From the shopkeepers saying that this product is of 700 bucks you can easily make them say, “accha Madam lo 300 mein”. See, it’s that easy. With various stalls flanking one another, and plethora of options, you’ll find everything there at affordable prices. Also, if you love earrings, then Janpath is the ideal place. This place is apt for both, boys and girls.  Not only this, you can also head up to Palika Bazar which is in close proximity from Janpath, where you’ll find ample of stuff.

Location – near Connaught Place; Nearest Metro Station- Janpath/Rajiv Chowk


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South Delhi’s famous markets, Sarojini Nagar and GK are extremely superb! Want branded clothes? Can’t afford? Well, Sarojini is here to rescue. “Sarojini ke kapde pehanke jaati Madame disco”, yes girls! Sarojini has set some standards. Be it Mango, Burberry, Zara and many more. It’s a heaven for South campus students. Usually, it’s closed on Mondays.

Location- South Delhi ; Nearest Metro Station- Sarojini Nagar

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And another, GK II ‘s M block is very famous for its bags. It also has variety of clothes – jumpsuits, casual wear, party wear, Indian wear and some beautiful accessories. It’s closed on Tuesdays.

Location- Greater Kailash II M block; Nearest Metro Station- Kailash Colony

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Lajpat Nagar, also known as Central Market, is also a heavenly market for the students. Here you can find good quality stuffs for both men and women. The popular snacks stalls will definitely satisfy your taste buds. It’s also closed on Mondays.

Location- South Delhi; Nearest Metro Station- Lajpat Nagar.

Apart from this, if you’re a person who is a bibliophile or a tech-savvy, then mentioned below are some coolest markets.

For Books:-

  • Nai Sadak:-
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It’s indeed a heaven for all the bookworms out there. Novels, college books, school books, even second hand books are available in a reasonable rate at the streets of Nai Sadak. It also has a special quality, this market provides books on rent as well. It also has some really great stationary items. This hub of books will never disappoint you and will serve you the best.

Location- Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi; Nearest Metro Station-  Chawri Bazaar

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Another hub for all the book lovers, Daryaganj’s Book Market. From Stationary items to books of all genre, this market has it all. At a very reasonable price you can purchase pile of books. They even sell books per kg. It’s famous for their “Sunday Book Bazaar”.

Location- Daryaganj; Nearest Metro Station- Delhi Gate

For Gadgets:-

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Everywhere in the market all you’ll see is mobile repairing shops and phone covers for every phone. Be it any model, any design or pattern, any colour, or any material, Gaffar will provide you everything. And yes, in a very affordable price. You will also find cheap screen guards and tempered glass guards for your phone here. The market is famous for unoriginal parts for your beloved gadget. Cracked screen? Dying Motherboard? Technical issues? Well, Gaffar is your pit stop then. Any problem and out of nowhere your gadget will get it’s life back. It’s Gaffar’s magic.

Location- Karol Bagh; Nearest Metro Station- Karol Bagh

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The Computer Market, Nehru Place is the Empire of Computers. Computer’s hardware or software? Check. Headphones? Check. Speakers? Check. Cameras? Check. Laptop? Check. Projectors? Check. Wait, that’s too much. Phew. Nehru Place has it all. It’s perpetually very crowded. So Tech-Gurus, enjoy your visit to this superb market.

Location- Nehru Place; Nearest Metro Station- Nehru Place.

Enjoy shopping! 🌸

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