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Project Taaleem by Enactus DCAC

“That night still haunts me. When I saw my dad butchered to death before my own eyes. It was terrifying, to live in the constant fear of imminent claws of death. Even the memory of it throws me back to a dark time in my own life, a time of helplessness and fear.”

They lost their home, their familiarity of daily life. They lost their occupation, their only way to have a strong foot in the world that has always been cruel to them. They lost their language, losing their naturalness of reactions, the simplicity of gestures, the unaffected expression of feeling. This is not an orchestrated story but life of a migrant – or a refugee – in our time, a life that must be valued and a story that must be heard.

Refugees are people who leave their homes in order to seek safety, or refuge. People become refugees to flee violence, economic disparity, repression, natural disasters, and other harsh living and working conditions. For those flocking to India, the hope is none. The absence of government support makes this vulnerable community, even more susceptible, with the absence of basic human rights and most of all absence of humanity from us. Primary enrolment rates of refugees stand at just 61%, compared with 95% globally. This leaves a grueling gap. Refugees are left to fend for themselves, with no identity cards issued by the Indian government, it’s impossible for them to access government services. With little or no education, refugees are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and are thus drawn towards anti-social activities.

Pertaining to primary education and healthcare, there is a lack of a sustainable model that prevents refugee children from getting the best of education. Thus, Enactus DCAC recognized their position to bring a change, to explore the unexplored, to revitalize the untapped potential and to understand that the world needs us. The students of Enactus DCAC pledged to do their bit to combat one of the biggest problems facing the world at this instance- The Refugee Crisis

The passionate and zealous individuals of Enactus DCAC overcame the barriers of resistance and ended the separation of Corporate, Governments and NGOs. Collaboration exploded, help emerged and the whirlpool of togetherness led to the successful launch of Project Taaleem-to provide access to quality primary education for the refugee community. They pioneered a community driven model to revolutionize the primary education sphere for the refugee community, using an Active Story Based Curriculum, specifically designed for the community that also leverages the latest innovations in learning.

Their model follows a systematic step by step approach, where they first conduct a baseline analysis of the learning levels of the children in refugee camps. Since these kids have not been to school due to their forced displacement, they still have huge learning gaps. An 8 year old child is not even able to perform basic arithmetic. To maximize the impact of their teaching methodology, they group children on the basis of their learning levels instead of their ages, thereby bringing a quantifiable impact on their learning outcomes. The curriculum is co- designed by their NGO partners, specializing in the field of education. Once the curriculum is designed, they identify an entrepreneur who shall also be the educator from the community itself & trained in the requisite curriculum as well as provide financial literacy to her.

These young and enthusiastic students made a pledge to prevent apathy and insensitivity from writing the darkest chapter of human history, to represent 22 million stories waiting to be told and to bring light and hope.


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